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Coach Jim Connolly 

Elevate your game today.

Why Work with Coach Jim?


8 seasons of NCAA Basketball Coaching 


4 year NCAA Men's Basketball Player


Customize plans and workouts to your needs.  


Easy online booking software.


Players coach. 

Coach Jim is a former four year NCAA Men's Basketball player who scored over 1500 points in his own career. Since his playing days, Coach Jim has 8 seasons of NCAA coaching experience, including becoming a head coach at the Division II level at the age of 29. Partner with a coach that has played and coached the game at a high level.



Coach Jim's Framework.

Fundamentals First. Fundamentals form the basis for more advanced skill development. 

Practice as you Play. Bring the same intensity and focus to practice as you would on game day.

Be Coachable. Integrate feedback to refine your game.

Basketball IQ. Enhance on court decision making and situational awareness. 


Coaching more than just your game.

Coaching at the NCAA level is more than just winning games, it's about recruiting the right athletes to your school. Coach Jim has recruited top athletes to his programs in his 8 year college coaching career by working closely with high school coaches, AAU programs, and individual trainers. Let Coach Jim guide you through the recruiting process and help you understand NCAA rules and regulations. 

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