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How it Works
Follow these 5 easy steps to get started today.

1. Learn about Coach Jim
Read and browse our site! Get to know Coach Jim's experience, background, and credentials. Download his resume, read about his coaching philosophy, and understand how you can elevate your game today.

2. Choose the right fit
Head on over to our services page to see what Coach Jim offers. Be sure to check out our packages page to learn how to bundle workouts together and save. Not sure where to start? Book a consultation today.

3. Create an account
Create a free account to unlock access to Coach Jim's exclusive online booking platform equipped with real time scheduling, availability, and secure payment options. Please note, only adults over the age of 18 are permitted to make an account. Under the age of 18? Ask your parent or guardian to get you started!

4. Athlete Portal
After you make your free account, log into your athlete portal where you'll find important onboarding documents, have access to secure online payment options, and more!

5. Book your services
Use our online booking services to book directly onto Coach Jim's schedule. Book individual sessions or use credits from your package!

Image by Austris Augusts

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any other coaches? 

Answer: No.

Say goodbye to concerns about outsourced support staff. All workouts are led exclusively by Coach Jim so you receive his personal guidance and years of experience in every session. 

Where do the workouts take place?

Answer: Your "home court". 

By having Coach Jim travel to you, you eliminate the need to commute or navigate unfamiliar gym environments, allowing you to focus solely on your training. Enjoy the personalized attention and tailored workouts in the familiar surroundings of your own space, optimizing your performance and maximizing your results. Please note all workouts must take place in the state of Virginia.

How far does Coach Jim travel?

Answer: 10 miles within the state of Virginia.

Coach Jim will travel to you up to 10 miles from Alexandria, VA, within the state of Virginia. Keep this in mind when picking your desired workout location! Located out of state? Reach out to Coach Jim to discuss opportunities! 

What should I bring?

Answer: The essentials. 

One of the core components of Coach Jim's philosophy is practicing how you play. 

  • Athletic clothes and sneakers 

  • Water/Sports Beverage 

  • Favorite basketball (not required) 

What ages does Coach Jim work with?

Answer:  Athletes ages 8 and older.

Coach Jim works with athletes ages 8 and older. Workouts are specifically designed and tailored to each athletes experience and skill level. Parents and guardians are welcome and encouraged to stay and watch the workouts!

When do the workouts take place?

Answer: You decide. 

The convenience of our online booking software allows you to view Coach Jim's upcoming schedule and availability to book directly into the slot you want. His flexible scheduling allows for evenings and weekends. Don't see the time you want? Reach out to Coach Jim to discuss.

What is a workout like?

Answer: Depends.

All workouts are tailored to the athlete(s) involved. Let Coach Jim know if there are specific areas you would like to work on and he will accommodate this. Head over to our services page to read more!

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