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Browse our services below. Coach Jim offers private, buddy, and small group options. Bundle and save with one of our custom curated packages! Not sure where to start? Book a consultation today. 


Working with Coach Jim
What to Expect.

During his workout sessions, Coach Jim will guide you through a series of drills, exercises, and training techniques designed to enhance your specific needs and skill level. You can expect an intense and engaging session that targets both physical and mental aspects of the game. He will challenge you with high-intensity drills to enhance your speed, agility, and endurance while working to develop on court decision-making abilities and fostering a winning mindset. Coach Jim's philosophy is centered around practicing as you expect to play. Come ready to work.


His coaching style is a blend of motivation, technical instruction, and constructive feedback. He will provide valuable insights and personalized guidance to help you improve various aspects of your game. From shooting mechanics and ball-handling drills to defensive techniques and game strategy, Coach Jim will cover a wide range of skills, ensuring a holistic development of your basketball IQ.

Private Workout

Private One-Hour Basketball Workout with Coach Jim


Elevate your game to new heights with a personalized one-hour workout led by Coach Jim. This private session ensures maximum focus and attention on you as an individual athlete, allowing for a highly tailored training experience.


This exclusive private session allows for undivided attention and customized training, ensuring that each minute is dedicated solely to your progress. You will receive personalized feedback, corrections, and strategic advice tailored to your unique strengths and areas for improvement. Whether you're a beginner looking to develop a strong foundation or an advanced player striving for excellence, this private one-hour workout is your key to success.

Buddy Workout
per player

One Hour Buddy Workout with Coach Jim.


Enjoy all the benefits of a private workout with a friend! This session is designed for two players. He ensures equal focus and attention on each athlete. 


One of the significant advantages of our buddy workout is the enhanced teamwork experience and increased drill options. Working closely with another player allows you to practice game-like scenarios, develop better communication, and strengthen your on-court chemistry. With Coach Jim's guidance, you and your buddy will maximize individual growth while also honing your ability to play effectively as a team. 

Small Group Workout
$47.50 - $55 
per player

One Hour Small Group Workout with Coach Jim. 


Practice as a team. This session is designed for a group of 3-4 players. Given Coach Jim's extensive coaching background he is able to blend groups of players together seamlessly for a true team practice like environment. 


Working in a small group allows expanded drill and competition options. Get real time practice and simulate game-like experiences, foster healthy competition, and enhance your ability to play with and against your peers. With Coach Jim's guidance, you and your group will maximize your individual growth while also improving your teamwork and basketball chemistry.


30-Minute Phone Consultation Call with Coach Jim.

Are you an athlete looking to improve your game but not sure where to start? Book a phone consultation with Coach Jim to receive expert guidance and develop a clear path to success.

During this 30-minute call, he will work closely with you to identify your individual needs and goals. Based upon his assessment, Coach Jim can make recommendations about which of his services would be the best fit or help you develop a custom package to fit your needs.

Recruiting Call

60-Minute Phone Recruiting Call with Coach Jim.

Are you an athlete looking to play at the college level? Navigating the recruiting process alone can be challenging and overwhelming. Coach Jim has over 8 years of experience recruiting top athletes to college programs and knows what to look for and what mistakes to avoid. 

During this 60-minute call, Coach Jim will walk you through the process of how to maximize your recruiting potential and make you stand out amongst other athletes. Areas include social media use, highlight films, and building relationships with coaching staffs.

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